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I offer Leadership Coaching as a form of development, where you are supported, as a single person or a team, to create learning and self-development, and boost your professional performance in a way that benefits your own and wider organizational goals. You may want to enlist my coaching services because you want to • improve your occupational situation, • learn new ways of thinking in approaching the status quo • get better results and higher personal satisfaction in your job • become more resilient in conflict situations • stick to your goals and improve your decision-making skills My core value as a coach is an intrinsic motivation to help people help themselves. I believe that human beings have all the potential in themselves to thrive and I – with my experience, personality, and positive energy- am well suited to enable them in so doing. The type of coaching that I offer is based on recent positive psychology and neuropsychology findings; its impact goes well beyond your improved occupational status and encompasses enhanced mental and physical health outcomes. Improvement is always possible. Even if your business and operational activities are running well. I can work with you in person or on distance by video connection. My approach is individually tailored to your particular needs and preferences. This is possible because I have in my disposition: 1. a wide variety of tools and approaches 2. the well-developed soft skills to connect with my coachees at a deeper level 3. A long-standing holistic experience in humanitarian programming, which equips me with the unique hands-on knowledge of the daily management and leadership matters My main concepts and approaches: • Identification and prioritization of personal value system for clarification of your purpose and goals • Using your personal strengths to enhance career success • Working with Sub-personalities for being more coherent in your decision-making process • Using happiness boosters to improve your motivation and make you more goal-driven • Transpersonal approach to boost your creativity and ensure a better connection with your meaning • Systemic coaching for dissolving personal problems and creating more synergy with your environment • Cognitive emotional behaviour theory - for influencing your behavioural patterns by understanding the underpinning emotional drivers My favourite tools and models: • Logical levels and leadership model • 5 dysfunctions of teams model • Systemic mapping • Trust vs Rapport model • Johari window • Being/Doing graph • The Inner Game • Rational Emotive table • Visualization techniques: Creative Mentors and Perceptual Positions, Wisdom with Hindsight model, Bulb model etc • A flow chart and nine conditions of flow • Diamond model and Connecting with meaning • Working with metaphors and imagery • The change Cycle • Others
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